About Us

As a futurist, I’ve always been naturally curious about emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. 

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story of shift reality
story of shift reality
story of shift reality

Here is our story

After earning my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I accumulated four valuable years of experience in b2b marketing, focusing on saas solutions. 

I began in ERP sales, mastering b2b marketing, and then transitioned to the medical device industry, where I utilized data to derive insights and address operational inefficiencies. 

My interest in applying blockchain technology to optimize ERP systems dates back to my Bitcoin mining days in 2014. However, it wasn’t until I immersed myself in the web3 world in 2021 that my passion for emerging technologies truly blossomed.  

Working as a management consultant

Working as a management consultant in the web3 space, I’ve expanded my knowledge of transformative technologies such as quantum computing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. In a previous role, I collaborated with a Grammy award-winning music producer to develop and execute a go-to-market plan for a metaverse concert platform. 

Within six months, I had successfully formed a joint venture with a subsidiary of metaverse industry leader Animoca brands by orchestrating a multichannel marketing campaign, assembling project managers, and collaborating with third-party vendors for digital asset delivery. 

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My metaverse experience

My metaverse experience has equipped me with the ability to devise innovative digital transformation strategies for clients in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. I also possess a background in marketing operations and lead gen automation, with extensive technical skills that enable me to effectively execute email, lead nurturing, and content marketing campaigns.  

As a senior innovation and digital consultant at OneSource, I’m eager to merge my b2b marketing experience, emerging tech passion, and technical abilities to help clients excel in the digital world. I’m dedicated to helping businesses leverage emerging technologies to develop disruptive brands and tackle complex problems. To discover more about my expertise, feel free to view my resume or schedule a call using the link below.